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    Everything There is to Know About the All-New Arden Terrain

    In some ways, our latest launch - Arden in the colour, Terrain wasn’t designed by us. It was in fact designed by our users. Shaped by popular demand, their feedback and preferences.

    Arden is one of our bestselling men’s wallets. Convenient, sleek, and modern. Terrain is our most loved colour and it keeps the beauty of our star material, cork, intact. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots. There just had to be Arden in Terrain!

    Here is what makes this wallet such a popular choice: 

    Sleek, on fleek.
    Designed to be slim and minimal, Arden ensures your pocket is crease and bulge-free. Like any cork wallet, it's light, compact, and durable.

    Crowd Puller
    A unique pull tab gives you quick access to your bank cards. This lets us store more on the back of the wallet, keeping it compact having enough room

    Lots to carry?
    Arden is a minimalistic version of the classic men's wallet. We took out the excess bits and kept only what was necessary. However, there is nothing minimal about the space. You can store up to 10 cards, loads of cash, change, and even a sim card, in the special sim card slot

    Terrain is one of our most-loved colours. Interestingly it's not even a colour. It's cork's natural pattern. Which is why every Terrain pieces is one of a kind. No two patterns are ever the same. You get hints of green, blue, white, brown and more. The neutral colour goes well with almost any look.

    Wait there's more…
    While the wallet has a beautiful Terrain pattern on the outside, there is an earthy olive on the inside. Just the kind of surprise we like!

    Explore Arden here.

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