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    Anniversary Special: Our 5-Year Journey

    We’re 🖐️. Yep, five years ago, Arture was registered as a company. How perfect is the fact that the 5th Anniversary is the wood anniversary and it’s cork from oak barks that got us here. Since our start, we've been trying to make sure that no one ever has to choose between good design and sustainable design. And that right choices are not seen as compromises but let you enjoy delightful products.

    So while we stuff cake in our faces, let’s take a quick stroll (actually, a scroll) down our 5 year journey. No, it was no cake-walk.

    Arture started from a simple question by Shivani: Can’t we make luxury accessories without causing any harm to the planet, and instead do good fo the environment in the process?

    The answer came in sustainable plant materials. We picked cork to start with.

    April 2015: We started with a crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo for eco-friendly cork accessories. 

    Nov 2015: We raised enough to produce our first EVER collection thanks to our super nice backers  *tearsup* 
    Meanwhile, Arture got registered as a company.

    Dec 2015: We set shop in a partner store in Chennai. They were the first ever to house any Arture products. And that opened many doors (read: stores) for us. Arture was being seen in more and more lifestyle retail stores across India.

    April 2016: We start selling directly to our users through a shiny new website. opened for business!

    March 2018: We introduced a limited edition of bags made from Hemp and Nettle Fabrics. This was done to support the weaver communities of Uttarakhand. While these aren’t for sale anymore, you can read more about these materials here

    December 2018: Some of our most popular cork colours launched: Terrain, Sunset and Olive. They're all still users’ favourites and Terrain’s been a bestseller since this very day. Can you believe it?

    Jan 2020: Our recycling initiative launched to manage used products better. As our brand evolved to become not just eco-friendly but more sustainable and responsible, it was time for a new identity. We got a new logo. WOHOO!

    Mar 2020: BRB. Pandemic going on. It was a tough time for all upcoming businesses, and we were no different. Support from y’all kept us going. Literally. *sigh*

    Sep 2020: Dusting off the pandemic, we launched a new products. We kickstarted with Arden in the bestseller colour, Terrain. A new pocket-sized wallet, Ember also got on the shelves. These newbies helped us pick up where we left off, in spite of 2020. 

    Now: We're experimenting with new things, and new ways to make your pocket more sustainable. In short, new exciting surprising top secret super cool interesting things are in the making, as we type this :D

    Doing the right things is often harder, because you end up alone. It's not always the popular opinion. We’re lucky to have you all, Arture family. You made taking the right choices easier. You inspire us to do our bit, and make that bit a bit more.

    Thanks for inspiring us, fellow earthlings.

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