Anna Sun x Arture – Bound into Sustainability

December 16, 2016

Anna Sun x Arture – Bound into Sustainability


Chennai-based brand Anna Sun aims at being the store that creates, curates, produces and consumes responsibly. With a vision of soon to sell a mix of naturally dyed clothing, handprinted stationary, accessories and other handicraft centered products, Anna Sun is looking at full scaled launch early 2017. The Anna Sun x Arture collaborations is targeted at co-designing a unique, craft-intensive alternative to the mass produced mundane that we all know.

“The idea of a sketchbook, be that of an amateur or a professional, is always wondrous, with pages that can house a myriad of illusory realms. And wondrous, deserves more than generic, me thinks," quotes the designer with perfect articulation.

With a keen sense towards all things organic, this collaboration has been something that we’re really excited about.

“It all began with a book, as most stories do - The Plenitude, which really brought about a near-existential crisis in-between my class. The “plenitude” is what Rich Gold uses in his book, to refer to the ginormous eco­system of human made stuff, that inhabits this planet with us. This eco­system that grows ten­fold every time a need or want or desire is felt by any single person, and every object is a compound of other objects, each of which, requires several other complementary objects to function just quite right.

Sitting in a design class, and having it dawn on you, that everything you create adds to this “plenitude” is terrifying, especially at 8am. But, the alternative is worse : stagnating,” said the designer when asked about why a sustainable path was chosen.

We are really looking forward to bring out more stationary in collaboration with Anna Sun, and thus bring into light an eco-friendly lifestyle for everyone to adopt.

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