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An Unconventional Marketplace

August 11, 2017

An Unconventional Marketplace

Last weekend was a very memorable one for us. A few months ago, Arture, along with a few other local brands decided to set up a vegan market place. It slowly took shape piece by piece and what we ended up with was - The Fall Folly.

Fall Folly Chennai

We invited like-minded startups that shared values, and made possible together, this vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly market place. It took place in a co-working space called Karya Space in Mylapore situated in the center of the city-Chennai, on a beautiful Sunday, August the 6th

The Fall Folly is not your usual marketplace. We decided to break barriers. Hosting it at a co-working space helped us do that. The atmosphere was casual, friendly and we all felt like one big family. 

The Fall Folly Team

What had it for you?

Vegan Cakes in ChennaiThough the marketplace was completely vegan, you didn't have to be a vegan to attend. In fact, people were pleasantly surprised at the variety and quality of products that they discovered at the Folly.

Vegan or not, we all are called to make certain choices often a day. Its these choices- we make, that count-in to our contribution towards nature, towards the earth. Be it choosing guilt-free products or choosing a compassionate lifestyle, we decided that these choices must be made easily available and more importantly brought better to light. The Folly thus showcased lifestyle and food brands that were deeply rooted with the environment. The market offered vegan chocolates, cakes, ice cRoia handcrafted jewelryreams, organic jams and pickles, handmade stationery, handloom sarees, handcrafted jewelry, sustainable dresses and more - aside from Arture's range of vegan wallets and handbags.

We also wanted to make sure that these efforts (that various eco-friendly brands put in) were given a platform. While that was the basic mindset that we set up the Fall Folly with, we kept it for the people to decide. And we must say - every bit of the effort was appreciated and we were taken by awe.

For us at Arture. Also, personally, for many vegans who attended, the Folly provided almost every possible life hack - from mock meat to vegan icecream, cheeses and chocolates. For non-vegans, it was a gentle realisation that adopting a few healthier and more conscious options into their lifestyle need not be as difficult as it seems.  

For us at Arture, we were left feeling overwhelmed and overjoyed with the response, and all the wonderful people we got to meet. Organising the event and being so connected with it was an amazing experience - one that we will never forget!

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