Celebrating Love For All with Alicia Souza

February 18, 2017 1 Comment

Celebrating Love For All with Alicia Souza

Known for bringing quirkiness to life in all things regular, Alicia Souza is an illustrator and mini-entrepreneur by profession. While she wanted to become a veterinarian while growing up, her life took on a different path, but never once disregarding her ardent love for animals.

Nobody who follows Alicia's page doesn't know of Charlie and Henry-Oats! They've won as many hearts as she has, and we always look forward to seeing them either as pictures or featuring in her new illustrations. Having met them in person, we can tell you, they're just as delightful as you would expect. :D

The proud mommy of these two furry fellows, Alicia has found herself to be content at where she is in life right now – something that really puts a smile on our faces. “From drawing to trying out new things ever so often, to snail mailing, to baking and even to just making new friends, every thing I do at this point in my life makes me happy," she comments cheerfully. We think that's something that everyone could use a little more of - finding joy in every little thing we do. 

When asked where she drew her inspiration from (pun intended), here’s what she had to say – “I think I look up to different people for different things; like I look upto my sister for being the funniest person I know, my boy for being logical and smart about (almost) everything, Charlie for knowing how to be a charmer (in company) and a real brat at home. I think it’s easier for me to appreciate something about everyone rather than every single thing about one person.”

Alicia is someone who’s always happy (and also always hungry) and we are so glad to have had this chat with her. Her love for animals, and every single thing she is doing, is exactly what Arture's #LoveForAll campaign is all about. You can check out some of Alicia’s work on her website, or on Facebook. We happened to get our hands on her 2017 calendar and it's simply lovely!

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March 08, 2017

Love this blog and the spirit of love that Arture puts forward as a message to all through their posts. I really LOVE Arture.!!

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