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    7 Ways to Declutter your Life

    Clutter is something that creeps into our lives without us realizing. There are literally no positives to having a cluttered life. All it does is cause distraction and invite chaos. Many a time, we find ourselves extremely stressed and more often than not, the reason behind it would be just clutter.

    Decluttering your life can seem like an insurmountable task when you’re not sure where to start. It also isn’t something that can be done overnight but if you start with some simple, sure steps, you’re bound to have an organized routine in the long run.
    I, personally, have a minimal case of OCD and this article has a few things I follow to stay clutter-free.

    Here are 7 of those simple, sure steps to declutter your life:

    1. Have a place for everything:

    The simplest way to start decluttering is to organize the material things around you. You can begin with your office desk and drawers or even your wardrobe at home. Since, these are the places you’re most likely to shove things into (“that long-lost bag was in there the whole time!”), clearing them and possibly even donating a few things would do your life good. Assign a place for everything and make this place it’s home.

    Organized vegan lifestyle - Arture

      2. Write down a checklist:

      The easiest way to not pile up your workload is to have it all written down. This will give you a sense of clarity of how much you have to do and will make you manage your time better. Checking off completed tasks on your checklist will also give you a sense of achievement (even if said task was just getting up from bed). 

      Organized vegan lifestyle - Arture

      3. Carry a pocketbook:

      Having a small pocketbook and a pen in your bag is going to help you day in and out. Whether it’s to prioritize your work commitments or noting down something important you heard or even penning down your daily expenses (reasons you may not be broke in the future too), going through your little book at the end of the day will come to aide.

      4. Owning an all-purpose bag:

      Carrying a bag with you that surely fits all your essentials is, well, essential. Since you take this bag with you wherever you go, it’s the first step to feeling well ordered. Arture’s Mini Ceirra Tote Bag lets you do just that and also helps you feel good about yourself, because their bags are completely cruel-free – DOUBLE BINGO!

      Organized vegan lifestyle - Arture

      5. Declutter your desktop:

      In the now digital life of ours, we’re found sitting in front of our laptops for a larger part of the day. Without any effort, our desktops are piled with uncategorized files that causes clutter digitally and visually (that folder named “hjhfj”). Catalguing our desktop and labeling all our folders appropriately helps a lot.

      Organized vegan lifestyle - Arture

      6. Delegating work:

      If you’re someone who feels guilty about giving other people work or if you are working too much on something single-handedly, there are high chances your life is cluttered, and hence, stressed. Delegating your work to someone you trust helps take a bit of the workload off your back (don’t overdo it, though!)

      7. Persistent decluttering:

      Once you feel like your life’s back on track, don’t travel back to your past. Maintain all that you’ve organised and continue following these few simple steps every day. Make a check on yourself every now and then to make certain your organizing skills haven’t gone haywire (or just give a ring to your mom). Decluttering isn’t a routine you follow for a month and back out, but something that’s going to last a while. So, stay on track!

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