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    6 Tips for an Organised Wallet

    Most of us are locked inside houses. Spending so much time inside has made us pay due attention to organizing, spring cleaning and even re-doing parts of our houses. A spring clean, or an organization spree does not just keep you busy, but also creates a productive, and more joyful space - both physically and mentally. We highly recommend it!

    We're here to remind you to not forget about that wallet. Use this time to clean your wallet, sanitize it, and maybe move things around a little so that when things get busy again, you have a more functional and organized wallet. 

    While we're sure you have your ways, here are some tips we gathered that can help you keep your wallet organized for longer: 

      1. Less stuffing, more organizing
      Our wallets do a lot sometimes they are our makeup pouch, pill caddy, business card holder, earphones, and charger case - you get the drift. We all have a habit of stuffing things in our wallets when we can't find another place. But if you realize there are things - like electronics or medicines that you will be using regularly, maybe invest in a separate pouch or case for those. This will empty some space in your wallet, make it less bulky, and keep your handbag or backpack better organized 

      2. Play your cards right 
      Bank cards, identity cards, gift cards, store cards - the list is endless. We suggest taking out all those cards and organizing them basis priority and usage. Keep the ones you use the most/or would like to use upfront - maybe it is the debit card that offers more reward points or a loyalty card you keep forgetting to redeem. Also, ditch cards you won't need daily if you have too many in your wallet already.

      3. Break some rules 
      All wallets have assigned pockets for cards, cash, change, etc. But everyone uses wallets differently. Evaluate your major needs, and requirements depending on your work and life. If you're someone who gets a lot of business cards, maybe empty out a cash pocket for business cards. If you're someone who has a lot of gift cards - and not much change- maybe toss out the change and put gift cards in that pocket. Create a system that works for you.

      4. Regularity and often wins the race 

      TBH, the only real way to keep your wallet organized is to be regular about it. Clear out receipts weekly, clean out the bits and bobs, and unfold the notes you stuffed in.If you won't have time for a weekly clean, make sure you take few extra seconds every time you use your wallet - Instead of folding and stuffing notes in, keep them properly whenever you do, keep clearing out change, and avoid putting unnecessary receipts there in the first place. 

      5. Cash in on that space 
      Cash and change are big space hoarders in wallets. Go digital. Carrying stacks of cash is usually not needed. There is always an ATM around the corner and almost everyone uses electronic or digital money nowadays.Keep your cards handy, and there is always UPI and phone wallets. Limit the amount of cash that goes in your wallet. Clear out change and replace it with bigger notes regularly. This will also make your wallet lighter, sleeker and won't leaving you hinting for things inside. 

      6. Start at the start

      A lot depends on the wallet you buy. Chose one with thought. Pick a wallet which has enough pockets for your needs, is multi-functional, and suits your travel or style needs. At Arture, we design wallets so that they can not just be sleek but highly functional, durable, and organized. From the very start we think about how you’re going to use it, carry it and store it.There’s something for those who carry their world in their wallet to those who carry barely anything. Explore Arture’s wallets and find something that does the work for you.

      Check out our Arture wallets and also learn how to disinfect your wallet.


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