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    6 Easy Ways to be a More Green Traveller

    For those of you that have been following our newsletter and social media, you’d know that last week marked the launch of our newest product - the Aki Compact Wallet

    This product was the first launch from our newest collection - Journey. Heres a short story about the collection :

    Few months ago, I started planning a trip. It’s one I have been dreaming about ever since I started Arture. I wasn’t sure if I would actually end up going this year, but I was excited nevertheless. (You’ll see why) Inspired by the Journey I felt so drawn towards, this collection came to life. As I imagined the places I would go and the people I would meet, I thought about the companions I would want with me, carrying my world in their little pockets, safely zippered and constantly by my side. 
    And now, the time for that trip is finally here!! I am currently in Europe, getting inspired the the most scenic landscapes. While I was making my plans, I wanted to be as sustainable as I possibly could. Here are some of the things I did :

    1. An adaptation of the 10x10 challenge :

    The 10x10 challenge was started by a blogger, Lee Vosburgh of Style Bee, in 2015. The concept of it is to create a micro capsule of 10 items from your closet, use only those for 10 days, to create 10 unique outfits. She started this to inspire thoughtful shopping and a deeper love for the clothing you own.

    Since my trip is 17 days long, I decided to take up a 17x17 Travel version of the challenge. Style Bee recommends including clothing (tops, pants, dresses, sweaters), footwear and outerwear in your key items, but she also emphasises that it’s important to do what’s comfortable and practical to you. I stuck to her rules, but did not include footwear in my 17 items since I needed multiple types of footwear for travel.

    Travel light and sustainable
    This exercise really helped me be conscious of what items I’m packing and avoid clothes I knew I wouldn’t use in at least 2-3 different outfits. I put a lot of thought into my 17. It also helped me travel a lot lighter. 

    2.Beg,borrow, steal..?

    If you need something particularly for a trip, and think you probably wouldn’t use it much otherwise - don’t buy, borrow! Though there were a few things I couldn’t avoid buying, I borrowed (read: stole :P) a few clothes from my mom and a small camera bag from a close friend. I knew these needs were specific to this trip, and it didn’t make sense buying them and then having them lie around at home.

    3. Toiletries :

    This one applies not just to travel but to day-to-day life as well. Toiletries tend to be one of the biggest forms of plastic pollution, and waste creation. I recently shifted to a shampoo bar from Lush and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. It comes with no packaging (you could just get a tin box to keep it in), it’s zero waste, it’s easy to carry around, it has no harmful chemicals, and is almost 100% natural. So many wins. 

    Shampoo bars for sustainable travel

    I tried to stick to as many chemical-free cosmetics as I could. I also packed my bamboo toothbrush! 

    4. Plan in advance :

    Though this may sound more like an organisation tip, planning your days (at least a rough outline) in advance not only helps you optimise your time, but also helps you be a more sustainable traveller. If you map out your day beforehand, you can plan your route such that you do all the things in a similar area on one day,  and not use unnecessary transportation running around. This way, youll also avoid missing some of the important stuff!
    Eco-friendly cork travel products

    5.Tempted to shop? Buy local and thrift :

    When I was reading about shopping in Portugal, I learned two interesting things :
    - There are some really good thrift stores. I can’t wait to check them out. You can find vintage gems in these stores that you definitely wouldn’t find elsewhere.
    - Be careful while souvenir shopping. Make sure you are TRULY buying from the local artisans and craftsmen because many times it’s easy to be tricked into buying Chinese imports that aren’t the real deal. If you care about supporting the local crafts, a teeny bit of research beforehand will go a long way.

    6. Plan to spend a lot of time outdoors :

    Because hey, what’s more sustainable than nature itself? 
    Do you have any green or eco travel tips? Share them with us in the comments! :) Meanwhile, you could even browse our sustainable travel accessories here!

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