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    5 Unscathed Shores of India to While Away Your Summer In.

    Whether you're looking for an isolated stretch of sand or the ultimate oasis, beaches in India that remain unexplored are aplenty. In our curated list of coastal lines, unadulterated by the irresponsible behavior of people towards nature; you will find a few familiar sites like Maharastra and some fresher ones like Karnataka. Scroll down for the 5 most tranquil and pristine beaches (in no particular order) that will allure you with their untouched magnificence and fondle your soul with their breathtaking beauty. Regardless of if you’re traveling alone or with your family, these picks are perfect for your next sandy getaway.

    Tarkarli Beach

    It is situated in the West Coast of India, this scenic beach is at the confluence of River Karli and the Arabian Sea. A 550m drive from Mumbai will land you at its serene shores. This less-than-crowded beach is a haven for every adventurer. It is an excellent spot for snorkeling, parasailing, and scuba diving or to park yourself for the day in the sun. The beach looks out on crystal clear water with the seabed being visible to the naked eye at a depth of 20 feet.

    Tarkarli Beach, Maharashtra

    Marari Beach

    Known among the locals as the Mararikulam Beach, this beach was one of the last best- kept secrets in Kerala. Despite high tourist traffic to this region, this seemingly smooth shore has remained somewhat under the radar. You won’t find many food stalls or beach bars here; just you, alone on the white sand, surrounded by coconut trees along the crystalline waters, watching the ocean rise and fall with rhythmic ease.

    Marari Beach, Kerala

    St. Mary’s Beach

    Located in Udipi, Karnataka in the charming island of St.Mary’s, embraced by the enchanting beauty of the Arabian Sea; this is one of the loveliest beaches in the country. Think an emerald-blue ocean, an endless coastline mushroomed by basalt rock formations and a horizon that turns magnificently crimson at sundown. Despite its magnificent and pristine offerings, it remains inhabited and is accessible by a ferry ride from Malpe. This makes it the ideal escape from the congested places that raid the country.

    St. Mary’s Beach, Udipi, Karnataka

    Beach No.7

    Sited at Havelock, in the Andaman Group of Islands, it is popularly known as Radhanagar beach. Beach No.7 is the ultimate oasis. A small stretch of almost-silver white sand and Bermuda-blue water lend an incredible appeal to the place. The lush and verdant trees on the side make it the perfect spot to bask in the midst of nature's bounty. However, getting there is a task. But upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a splendid beach and may even have it all to yourself. Because of its many spectacular geographical features, TIME Magazine has designated it with the prestigious award of Asia’s Best Beach.

    Beach No.7, Andaman

    Bangaram Beach

    Blue lagoons, bewitching coral reefs, and a soothing ambiance make it the most- desirable retreat in the islands of Lakshadweep. Encircled by bright blue waters, milky- white sand beaches, and tall palm trees, every bit of this scenic atoll is Instagramable (no filter needed). While you can spend all day sunning on its powdery sands, Bangaram beach is also a popular spot for scuba diving.

    Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep

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