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    5 things that will instantly make your wallet slimmer

    Pocket bulges, heavy wallets, cash spilling out. It’s an eyesore. More importantly, it’s not efficient. No wonder, minimal wallets are on the rise. Bi-folds are being tossed out for card cases. Or slim and super sleek wallets.

    A slim and minimal wallet, is not just a better looking accessory, but a better working one. No one has ever found what they’re looking for easily, in a wallet that looks like this:

    Turn your regular, bulgy wallet into a sleek minimal wallet with these five tips:

    1. Play your cards well:
    Pick 3 bank cards that you use the most. And no more. Everything else is excess. If you have too many cards, keep switching your top 3 weekly, or monthly. Keep it dynamic, but be picky of what goes into your wallets.

    Remember a wallet is not a storage device for all your financial devices. But an accessory to carry the things you need, when you step out.

    If you MUST carry many cards, switch to a wallet that optimizes card storage. Arden, for example let’s you store cards both inside and outside the wallet, so it’s not bulgy.

    2. Storing receipts is so 2010:
    If this was 2015, we’d say store just the important receipts. But it’s not. Store absolutely no receipts. Most transactions come with an email or text confirmation, so say no to a printed receipt in that case. If not, take a picture of the receipt and toss it. No receipts go into the wallet, nor do random scraps of paper you find ‘important’. Put technology to use and store digital copies.

    3. This is a no brainer: Reduce cash payments
    Whenever possible, pay by phone or your cards. Use cash only when you need to. Cash almost always adds bulge. If however, cash is a must for you, choose a wallet that is designed for cash. A bi-fold may not be ideal if you must carry bundles of cash. Switch to a money clip, that lets you carry cash without being bulky. It’s the sleekest cash carrier we know!

    4. It’s a wallet, not a journal.
    It’s okay to store a photo or two. But don’t turn your wallet into a place full of bits and bobs, business cards, photos, greeting cards, memos, jewellery, keys etc. Get a Key Case, or a Business Card Case. Keep wallets only for cards and cash, and maybe IDs. Everything else will add weight, without function. Invest in a separate pouch for these.

    5. Buy the right wallet.
    Okay, you’ve done all these steps. Your wallet is thinner than before. But it’s still not THAT sleek. Here’s why. It’s not a minimal wallet. Minimal, slim wallets are designed to be sleek. They are designed without extra pockets, fabrics and folds. So even with more stuff, they tend to be sleeker.

    And a sleek wallet need not mean one with less room. You can choose from a spacious Slim-Kim or a really minimal card sleeve like the Rio card case. And there are many options in between.

    Explore minimal and sustainable wallets here.

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