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    5 Beach Day Essentials to Nail

    Whether you’re heading to a local coastline or a far-flung sea destination, here are 5 things to check off your list (plus some proper sunscreen, of course), before a day of doing absolutely nothing on the beach.

    A tote bag that doesn’t look like everyone else’s

    Nail this part and you're halfway to a perfect beach day. A good tote bag is two things: stylish and functional. And that’s why we cannot recommend the Dawn Midi tote bag enough to you. It strikes the perfect balance between utility and expression. It’s appropriately sized - not too big or not too small. It comes with an open pocket in the front and with a zipper in the back. The insides are spacious with dedicated slots for your phone and cards. In addition to this, it sports an easy-access loop to secure your keys or earphones. In simpler words, it’s perfect for a day at the beach. And out of curiosity, if you’re not carrying a tote bag with you to the beach, are you even doing it right?

    Vegan medium sized tote bag The Dawn by Arture

    A pair of sunglasses that you can’t live without

    No beach look is complete without a great pair of sunnies. Cheerful and versatile – something that will work with any ensemble is the way to go when it comes to picking sunglasses for a beach day. Choose fun and adventurous styles, and if you feel a little more adventurous, play them off with subtle pops of colour.

    A slim wallet that doesn’t stick out of your pocket

    Jeans are too damn sweaty to wear on a beach trip and trousers tend to feel as stuffy as the word itself. That’s why you need a nice pair of shorts to save the day. But what’s more important than the shorts itself is what you put inside it. Your “average Joe” wallet tends to be extremely bulky and pretty unappealing to the eye. Especially when it is sticking out of the pocket of your shorts that’s no longer than your knee. Opt for a slimmer pick, something like the Clove Slim Coin Wallet. It’s got space for everything you need and more. It is just perfect for a day at the beach.

    Vegan slim men's coin wallet in olive

    A pair of shoes to save you from the wrath of the hot sand

    While flip flops are fine to wear to the beach, they’re not exactly “fashionable.” On the other hand, a nice pair of a minimal slide sandal is an effortless choice. Save the painful hot-sand dance for another day and pack in your bag a pair of these sandals. With these, once you’re done with the sea, you’ll have something nice to wear when you go out after a day, basking in the sun.

    Everything else you need in a nutshell

    When it comes to picking a towel, don’t try to save on it. Splurge and splurge hard. It is one of those items that will upgrade your whole beach experience. Choose something that’s comfy and fun. Opt for patterns if you fancy them. Also, don’t forget your body lotions. There’s nothing worse than returning home with sunburns after a supposedly soothing day at the sea shore.

    A beach day out

    Brownie point:What’s the best way to accessorise on the beach? With a statement straw hat, of course.

    This article was contributed by Janardhan Pokala. Coming from the world of advertising, he's now on a quest to spread the message of veganism, compassion and love. He enjoys cycling, lifting and sitting by himself with a book and tea. Check out his work here 

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