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    4 Awesome Things About Working From Cafés

    When cyclone Vardah wrecked havoc all over the city of Chennai in December, almost all of us were left completely disconnected. WiFi networks were down for ALMOST A MONTH (you know who we're looking at, in particular!) and mobile data was pretty erratic. It made things really hard for startups like ours.

    Thankfully, some areas were getting back in order pretty soon. We at Arture decided to head over to any place we could find functional internet and that led to us spending a lot of time working at cafés! 

    If you're an entrepreneur or a freelancer or anyone with a flexible job, odds are you've worked out of a café at least once! Let's admit it - being stuck in a cubicle or home office can really get to you sometimes. Here's 4 reasons we think it's a great idea to work from a café at least 2-3 times each month :

    1. A change of scenery stimulates creativity : Being at the same workspace each and every day can tend to be a little creatively challenging. Sometimes, your mind could stop working the way you want it to, and you could feel like it's in a rut. Changing your workspace every once in a while could really do wonders and open your mind! 

    2. They're great for meetings : Plus, you can fully optimise your time between meetings! Especially for people who work from home, cafés serve as a great space for you to invite clients or customers for meetings. There also tends to be weird gaps between meetings, so you can use that time to prepare for the next one! 

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    3. Beat the loneliness : A lot of people, freelancers in particular, tend to be working alone 99% of the time. That can really start to affect you, because humans are social beings. We need activity around us for us to stay alert. We tend to underestimate the power of just having people around us.

    4. More focus and less distractions : When there's something that you really need to focus us, that's a great time to get to a café. We know we just said that a café means people around you, but you'd be surprised how little that will bother you. At home or in office, there's always errands or tiny jobs or someone talking to you that may require your attention, but at a café you're completely cut off from it all.

    When you're escaping to a café to work, don't forget to keep the following in mind :

    - Carry your lifelines (a.k.a. chargers) - Carry the chargers for all your devices, be it your phone or your laptop, because you don't want a sudden dip in the battery to force you to run back. 

    - Buy something - Try to order something or the other to avoid looking like you're there just for the free WiFi. Although this may seem like a silly tip, because OBVIOUSLY we're going to order stuff, but when we get completely engrossed in work, it's something we easily forget. We're speaking from experience. And for that, make sure you carry your wallet. ;)

    - Try different cafés - If there's one particular café you love more than anything, that's great, but to avoid the same creative block that comes from working at home or your workspace, it's a great idea to check out a few different places in your neighbourhood. 

    Have anything to add? Have you worked at any great cafés lately? Let us know in the comments. :)

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    Nikita Vyas

    Nikita Vyas

    February 15, 2017

    Hello, I was going through your blog and stumbled Upon this article. I love working from cafés too and I second each point you have stated here. I am from Chennai and I absolutely love amythest and Chamiers café. :)

    Keep writing!

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