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    2022 Will Be The Year You Find The Perfect Wallet Thanks To This

    It’s 2022. Which means it’s high time that you found yourself the perfect wallet that’s useful and on trend. No more frantically searching your pockets or the bottom of your handbag for your keys, cards and cash. Ring in the new year by getting your essentials organised a.k.a getting yourself a stylish new wallet.

    First Things First

    This year (and hopefully every year) we’re being kinder to the planet. Which means the most important thing to keep in mind on your quest for the perfect wallet is to look for one that’s made sustainably. And when it comes to planet-loving wallets, you cannot go wrong with Arture. Every one of our wallets is made from entirely vegan and plant-based material like cork, that is naturally grown and harvested. Not only is this good for you and the Earth, it also means each piece is one-of-a-kind with a unique texture and feel.

    Moreover, each of our wallets have been designed keeping your day-to-day in mind, so you get a piece that’s fun and functional. So, without further ado, let’s find you the perfect wallet.

    Here’s our list of the trendiest wallets in 2022:

    Ember Women’s Pocket Wallet - For The Girl On The Go

    No more hand-held clutches or purses too big for the pockets you’ve fought so long for to have on your outfits. Switch to this compact design that can hold a lot more than you would think, thanks to its expandable zip wallet, designed to fit your well-earned pockets.


    Aki Compact Wallet - Carry What Matters

    In 2022, we’re dropping all the dead weight and only carrying around what we need. And that’s why this pocket-sized design is perfect. It has enough room for your keys, cards, cash and more without taking up too much room on your person.


    Ivy Mobile Sling - The Sling That Wins

    The biggest brands all over the world are in the sling bag game. This chic and functional design is a hit world over. So what makes Ivy stand out? Unlike its fast-fashion counterparts, it’s sustainably made. Because in 2022, fashion and sustainability shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Moreover, this sling has enough room for your phone, cards, cash, keys and comes with an adjustable strap so your hands are always free.


    Clove Slim Coin Wallet - A Classic Men’s Wallet Made Slimmer

    Leave chunky wallets behind in 2021 and move on to the Clove Slim Coin Wallet that has space for all your essentials - think coins, cards, cash, keys and more, minus that uncomfortable bulge.


    Arden Minimal Wallet - It’s All About Access

    Cumbersome wallet-opening rituals are so 2021. This wallet comes with a tab that gives you quick access to your cards. Additionally, Arden has space for 10 cards and all your other essentials without taking up too much space.


    Reilly Card Case - No Fluff, Only the Good Stuff

    The world is going cash-free and if you’re on board, this is the case for you. With room for only the essentials, this sleek and slim gender-neutral card case has 6 card slots and room for some extra cash just in case.


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